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Living In Awareness – a conversation with Rupert Spira & Mark Vernon

An MP3 version of this conversation is on my podcast feed, Talks and Thoughts. Rupert Spira and I met for a second conversation, beginning with one of William Blake’s great exclamations of nondual awareness: “Awake! awake O sleeper of the

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How to talk about God: on why God is not an object

An audio-only version of the talk can be found on your podcast feed at my channel, Talks and Thoughts. Some talk about God too much. Others are said to be too embarrassed ever to do so. I think much of

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Know Thyself – Rupert Spira and Mark Vernon in conversation

An MP3 podcast of the conversation is here. What is the direct path of Advaita Vedanta and why is it significant for so many now? How is it found across traditions, including within Christianity? Why might it matter to us

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Against Moral Christianity

My Philosophy column in the new Idler, September-October 2021. There is an old tradition of writing against figures or groups you disagree with. “Against” is the operative word. Augustine wrote “Contra Faustum”, which was a riposte to the Manichaean, Faustus.

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How to be Christian – Jordan Peterson & Jonathan Pageau

Some reflections on the fascinating conversation between Jordan Peterson and Jonathan Pageau: – Maybe it’s not how to be a Christian but to realise how you already are – Why symbology, developmental maps and archetypes become as many rabbit holes

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Dante, awakening, and erotic love

Dante’s journey is all about erotic love, through ugly possessiveness, and powerful passions, to the realisation that love is usually experienced as an ignorance about what we desire, to which he awakens. The Divine Comedy is, therefore, a crucial resource

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The Meaning of Christmas by Owen Barfield

Owen Barfield agreed with the other Inklings, like JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis, that the life of Jesus marked a pivot point in history. But he had a particularly powerful way of capturing the truth… Reading from History in English

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