Know Thyself – Rupert Spira and Mark Vernon in conversation

An MP3 podcast of the conversation is here.

What is the direct path of Advaita Vedanta and why is it significant for so many now? How is it found across traditions, including within Christianity? Why might it matter to us today, collectively as well as individually? What are its links to psychotherapy, individuality, freedom, God?

Mark Vernon talks with Rupert Spira about these questions and more.

0:34 What is the direct path and why is it of significance now?
13:59 If awareness of awareness is the start, what happens next?
17:20 Why might this matter socially as well as individually?
23:27 What is the relationship between the direct path and psychotherapy?
30:35 How does nondual show up in Christianty? What does the death and resurrection of Jesus mean?
41:55 How might the Trinity express nondual life?
50:47 How does this renew our experience of individuality?
53:45 Nondualism and a positive engagement with creation and the world.
1:10:38 Lessons from Dante’s journey into Paradise as a model of nondual expansion.
1:20:34 Growth after the recognition of our true being.
1:22:30 Goals after the recognition of true being.
1:25:08 The spontaneity of teaching.
1:27:47 Wrapping and further information.

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