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Wrestling with Christianity. A Medicine Path podcast conversation with Brian James & Mark Vernon

An MP3 of this conversation can be found at my Talks and Thoughts podcast available via your podcast feed. A conversation on wrestling with Christianity – or perhaps more accurately, the Christianities that swirl around the figure of Jesus –

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Easter according to William Blake. Resurrection is neither miracle nor mystery

An MP3 version of this talk can be found on my Talks and Thoughts podcast, available via your feed. Is the resurrection a miracle? Are the events of Golgotha a mystery? And what of the resurrection of the body and

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Contraries and Human Existence – William Blake and Cleansing the Doors of Perception

An MP3 of this talk, though without images, can be found on my Talks and Thoughts podcast via your podcast feed. Perception is cleansed in the struggles of life, William Blake realised, as his own life was lived between heaven

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Jesus. A difficult child – a Christmas thought

“Was Jesus gentle?” William Blake asks in his poem, The Everlasting Gospel. “Was Jesus chaste?” he adds. The prophet of south London is turning his ire against the image of the Christ Child that dominates at Christmas. No crying he

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Christmas according to William Blake – a warning

An MP3 of the talk can be found at my podcast feed, Talks and Thoughts. An article on Blake’s view of the Christ Child, viewed through his infernal method, can be found here. Here I discuss how William Blake used

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The Experience of Life and the Nature of the Afterlife

Modern Christianity, at least as expressed by the church, has become very confused about the afterlife. So can our experience of life now, illuminated by wisdom traditions and modern science, offer a way into this perennial question? I’ve written more

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The Meaning of Christmas by Owen Barfield

Owen Barfield agreed with the other Inklings, like JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis, that the life of Jesus marked a pivot point in history. But he had a particularly powerful way of capturing the truth… Reading from History in English

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The tricky parable of the talents

The story of the master giving 5, 2 and 1 talent to slaves trips up those who see the parables as moral or justice tales. But there is another way of understanding them, asking us whether we have the eyes

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