Mark Vernon


I am a psychotherapist and writer, interested in spirituality and inner life. I have a PhD in ancient philosophy, as well as degrees in physics and in theology. Cont’d

The healing chair


Many of life’s troubles are rooted in parts of ourselves of which we’re only partially aware, which is why it’s possible to struggle with problems for years. Cont’d

Spiritual Intelligence

My latest book on the evolution and flourishing of the distinctive capacity that makes us Homo spiritualis.

The Last Inkling

The ideas of Owen Barfield, friend of CS Lewis, and my exploration based on them, A Secret History of Christianity.

Podcasts and Talks

Discussions with Rupert Sheldrake, YouTube talks, online courses with The Idler and more.

Upcoming Events

The Idler Retreat 27th April, 2024 - 4th May, 2024 Villa Pia, Umbria

The Realisation Festival 27th June, 2024 - 30th June, 2024 St Giles House, Dorset

The Idler Festival 4th July, 2024 - 6th July, 2024 Fenton House, London

Do have a browse through my talks and articles online, perhaps via my YouTube channel, Dante podcast and blog.