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“I give you the end of a golden string” – Blake, the Gita and God

I’ve notice a tendency to downplay the divine element in accounts of William Blake, and to reduce his understanding of the imagination to a human artefact, from its true status as a supernatural capacity that he knew. In this talk

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Identity Crisis – on culture wars and the spiritual self

My column from The Idler, Nov/Dec 2020. Cancel culture or keep culture? Where do you stand? Third positions seem excluded when it comes to these intense disputes, which inflame public debates over everything from gender identity to national history. Only,

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The Four-Fold Vision of William Blake

The Four-Fold Imagination is an essay I’ve had published at Aeon. The YouTube below is a complementary look at some of Blake’s images, conveying a felt sense of single vision, two-fold, three-fold and four-fold vision. Do read and share the

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Owen Barfield: Imagination and Spiritual Sight, Pt 3

Having considered the insights of William Blake and Carl Jung in the first two talks of this series, I now turn to those of Owen Barfield. He presents the biggest possible story for the imagination, integrating it into nothing less

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William Blake: Imagination and Spiritual Sight, Pt 1

William Blake argued that the imagination is the key human faculty for knowing fourfold vision, life to the full, and our divine destiny. But he also knew it needed cultivating, training, discerning. In this talk, I look at Blake’s images

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