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The Meaning of Psi and other strange experiences

Did you know Albert Einstein advocated telepathy research or that Marie Curie attended seances? In this edition of The Sheldrake-Vernon Dialogues, Rupert Sheldrake and Mark Vernon discuss, The Flip, a new book by Jeffrey Kripal. The title refers to the

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Owen Barfield: Imagination and Spiritual Sight, Pt 3

Having considered the insights of William Blake and Carl Jung in the first two talks of this series, I now turn to those of Owen Barfield. He presents the biggest possible story for the imagination, integrating it into nothing less

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Carl Jung: Imagination and Spiritual Sight, Pt 2

The power of the imagination runs all the way through the depth psychology of Carl Jung. It is liberates because it is not axiomatic or discursive but perceptive. It goes beyond reactions and settled patterns of behaviour, to discover a

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Awaking from the Meaning Crisis QnA

I spoke with the group that meets on Discord to discuss John Vervaeke’s work on awakening from the meaning crisis. Here’s a breakdown of the questions that came up. 1.42 Christianity, Owen Barfield and John Vervaeke 8.20 Owen Barfield’s take

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William Blake: Imagination and Spiritual Sight, Pt 1

William Blake argued that the imagination is the key human faculty for knowing fourfold vision, life to the full, and our divine destiny. But he also knew it needed cultivating, training, discerning. In this talk, I look at Blake’s images

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The Inklings and the Evolution of Consciousness: a trialogue

Jeremy Johnson writes: In this much anticipated episode, Becca Tarnas and Mark Vernon return to the Mutations podcast for a trialogue on the Inklings and the evolution of consciousness. Together we explore the prescience and relevance of J.R.R. Tolkien, Owen

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Rupert Sheldrake & Mark Vernon on David Bohm & Infinite Potential

A new film, Infinite Potential: The Life and Ideas of David Bohm, has just been released for free online. In this episode of the Sheldrake-Vernon Dialogues, Rupert Sheldrake and Mark Vernon discuss its excellent telling of the dramatic life and

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Dante’s Divine Comedy and Spiritual Sight

This is a recording of a richly illustrated talk I gave online as part of St Albans Cathedral’s online adult education programme. My canto by canto podcasts and YouTubes of the Divine Comedy are online.

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A New Way of Seeing with John Vervaeke

My discussion with John on spiritual intelligence and perceiving wider reality: covering shifts of consciousness, the links between ascent and descent, simplicity and unity, 4E cognition, the transformation of freedom, and the centrality of love in knowing and participating.

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Psi and the Limits of Science

This piece was written for The Idler. The modern world swears by science. If your intervention or idea is not evidence-based, you risk instant dismissal. So it’s odd when the same mindset refuses to acknowledge phenomena supported by way more

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