How to talk about God: on why God is not an object

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Some talk about God too much. Others are said to be too embarrassed ever to do so. I think much of the pickle around God-talk arises from a fundamental, modern mistake. God is not an object to be proven, evidenced or possessed. God is the subjectivity of existence itself – beyond talk, though talk we must do, because talk too is already in God.

Enjoy the sunrise as I muse on what that might mean, not least when it comes to talking about God.

01:11 Why the religiously wary seem religiously alive
02:40 The mistake of trying to prove God’s existence
05:00 The mistake of going by religious success
06:12 The mistake of presuming a gap between God and humanity
07:11 The mistake of treating religions as complete
08:36 The mistake of separating grace and nature
11:17 Beyond peak experiences to the existence itself
13:15 Beyond praying to God and God as an object in religious settings
16:11 Beyond human and divine relationality
17:59 On the lovely limits of talking about God
23:00 On reason as a guide, reflection as discernment
24:34 On divine union and the fundamentals of existence
28:30 On the meaning of love
30:06 How to talk of God in God and the greatest question
33:49 Why we don’t need anything though there’s everything to know
35:35 The nature of true apologetics
36:36 The nature of “religio”
39:25 Teacherly authority and sages
42:20 Direct presence and the spiritual senses
44:15 Spotting when God becomes an object again
46:54 There are many revelations not one true product
49:17 Christianity beyond Christianity and sensing a future
55:12 The good news and the question not of if but how