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Where is heaven? A response to Sam Harris & Jonathan Pageau

An audio version of this talk is at my podcast, Talks and Thoughts, available via podcast feeds. Sam Harris raised the question of the location of heaven, not least in the space age, when “up there” is not straightforwardly a

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The Way of Love – Plato and participation in the good, beautiful and true

An MP3 version of the talk is on my Talks and Thoughts channel, found on podcast feeds. A talk as part of the Dualities series with the Pari Centre, running through February 2022. For more information see – https://paricenter.com/event/dualities/2022-02-06/ In

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Plato, Eros & Beautiful Bodies. A critique of God: An Anatomy

An MP3 version of this talk, and others, is available at my podcast channel, Talks and Thoughts, available on podcast feeds. I much enjoyed the conversation with Hetta Howes, Matthew Sweet and Francesca Stavrakopoulou on God: An Anatomy. It was

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Dante in love

Use this code, “dantemv”, to get £10 off my Divine Comedy course at The Idler via this link. The year was 1274, May Day to be precise. The young lady Beatrice was walking the lovely streets of Florence and she

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