The Way of Love – Plato and participation in the good, beautiful and true

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A talk as part of the Dualities series with the Pari Centre, running through February 2022. For more information see –

In this talk, I discuss dualities in Plato. The ancient Greek is often accused of dualism, though the word itself didn’t exist at the time, which points to a subtler and crucial reassessment of what the philosopher was driving at.

He recognised that experience is often shaped by seeming dualities, through which we can become more open to life itself. This deeper realisation is gained by fostering the capacities of discernment and love.

I consider four dualities in Plato’s way of life: i. Light and darkness, ii. Love and lack, iii. Knowing and not knowing, iv. Life and death – and also look at four dialogues: Republic, Symposium, Timaeus and Phaedo.

If you listen in time, do consider joining us for future talks in February 2022 on dualities in Dante, William Blake and Iain McGilchrist. More information here –