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Sexual Mores & Divine Eros: Why we need Dante to teach us about love

An MP3 version of this talk is on my podcast, Dante’s Divine Comedy, which can be found on your podcast feed. The liberal world and western churches increasingly seem to suffer from the lack of a sophisticated understanding of erotic

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The Way of Love – Plato and participation in the good, beautiful and true

An MP3 version of the talk is on my Talks and Thoughts channel, found on podcast feeds. A talk as part of the Dualities series with the Pari Centre, running through February 2022. For more information see – https://paricenter.com/event/dualities/2022-02-06/ In

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Love and Power – Making sense of science & statistics, control & conspiracies

An MP3 version of this talk can be found in your podcast feed, looking for my Talks and Thoughts. How can we find a way through conflicts in and around science? What about experts and simplifications, uncertainties and advice, control

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Light, Love, Logos, Life – How to speak about God

An MP3 version of this talk as at Dante’s Divine Comedy, on you podcast feed. John Vervaeke, Paul VanderKlay and Paul Anleitner asked what “God” means, with John challenging the Pauls to talk about God via Light, Love, Logos and

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Some thoughts on love

This article is on Perspectiva’s website… Many stories have been told about love, exploring the way it works, the way it pains, its delight and promise. It is a confusing subject, at once a self-evidently “good thing”, perhaps the most

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Love in a time of crisis

Our times are shaped by infantile forms of love, and even those who talk of love rarely seem to have more nuanced perceptions of it. But understanding love as linked to loss, and as a developmental path, can help us

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