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Angelology with Lorna Byrne. A conversation and inquiry with thoughts from Dante and Blake

An MP3 version of the conversation is on my podcast stream, Dante’s Divine Comedy. Dante and Otherworld Journeys was an online conference organised with the Scientific and Medical Network. This is the conversation, with extra thoughts, that I had with

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Dante’s Inferno and the meaning of descent, with Rupert Sheldrake

Watch on YouTube! Also on your podcast feed. The Divine Comedy by Dante is one of the great spiritual works of the Christian tradition. But how can it be read and what does it mean? In this episode of the

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Dante and Spiritual Intelligence – a lecture to the Temenos Academy

An MP3 version of the talk is online here. This lecture was given to the Temenos Academy on Tuesday 19th October 2021 – a particular delight as it was on its perennial philosophy course that the Divine Comedy first began

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How To Know Paradise and Know It Now – new Dante talk

A MP3 version if this talk is here. Today, many people feel Dante’s Paradiso is irrelevant. It’s not. It is the place of true perception and delightful knowledge, and the goal of the Divine Comedy. The question is how to

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Book Launch and Celebration of Dante 700, event recording

MP3 version here. For further details about Dante’s Divine Comedy: A Guide for the Spiritual Journey – https://www.markvernon.com/books/dantes-divine-comedy-book For further details about the Dante Society of London – https://dantesocietylondon.com/index.html 2:34 Welcome 3:23 Dante’s first 700 years 6:08 Dante Society of

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Did Dante really go to paradise?

An MP3 version of this talk and others is online here. In this 700th anniversary year, the truth of the Divine Comedy is a key issue. Modern critics may explain its spiritual veracity by putting its impact down to social

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The fractal consciousness of Dantes’ Divine Comedy

I’ve a piece on Dante just published at Aeon. Dante Alighieri was early in recognising that our age has a problem. He was the first writer to use the word moderno, in Italian, and the difficulty he spotted with the

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Dante and the Divine Masculine

Categories like feminine and masculine can constrain as much as illuminate. But there is no denying that men and male entities play a major, often surprising part in Dante’s journey through the Divine Comedy. This talk complements my look at

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Dante on the Trinity

The Divine Comedy aims to deepen and broaden our perception of reality, often by exploding preconceptions. Nowhere is this more true than in Dante’s take on the Christian perception of the Trinity. For Dante, it is way more than a

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How Dante discovered the Power of Now – recording

For more on Dante do see. Details of my book, Dante’s Divine Comedy: A Guide for the Spiritual Journey, are here. Also, use this code, “dantemv”, to get £10 off my Divine Comedy course at The Idler via this link.

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