Book Launch and Celebration of Dante 700, event recording

MP3 version here.

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2:34 Welcome
3:23 Dante’s first 700 years
6:08 Dante Society of London
9:14 Invoking Dante today
10:33 Introducing my new book
18:08 Reading in Italian and English from the Inferno, with some thoughts
27:12 Reading in Italian and English from the Purgatorio, with some thoughts
34:44 Reading in Italian and English from the Paradiso, with some thoughts
43:44 QnA – When did Mark first feel the pang of love for Dante?
45:23 QnA – How is Dante regarded in Italy now?
47:40 QnA – Comments by Owen A Barfield on Owen Barfield, Dante and CS Lewis
50:28 QnA – In what ways is Dante a visionary?
54:00 QnA – Can you compare Dante’s Satan with Milton’s?
58:55 QnA – How does Dante inspire artists; how have artists responded?
1:03:13 QnA – What does Mark make of the Clive James’ translation?