Mark Vernon


I am a psychotherapist and writer, with an interest in ancient philosophy. I'm convinced that, today, we suffer from a loss of the skills and insights that illuminate our inner lives, but also that such wisdom is being advanced and recovered.

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The healing chair


Many of life's troubles are rooted in parts of ourselves of which we're largely unconscious. Like an iceberg, we are aware of difficulties only insofar as they break the surface, which is why it's possible to struggle with problems for years.

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Upcoming Events

Ancient Greek Philosophy and Psychotherapy
12th May, 2018 WPF Therapy, London

All you need to know about ancient Greek philosophy
13th May, 2018 Brighton Fringe Festival, Brighton

Philosophy As Therapy
2nd June, 2018 The Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow

Psychotherapy and Christianity
23rd June, 2018 The Bloomsbury Street Hotel, London

The Idler Philosophy Retreat at Gladstone's Library
5th July, 2018 - 8th July, 2018 Gladstone Library, Hawarden

Port Eliot Festival
28th July, 2018 - 29th July, 2018 Port Eliot, Cornwall