Mark Vernon


I am a psychotherapist, writer and teacher. The theme that brings these different interests together is, in a way, the ancient philosophers’ great question: who are we and how do we flourish?

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The healing chair


Many of the problems that trouble us in life are rooted in parts of ourselves of which we're largely unconsciousness. Like an iceberg, we may be aware only of the difficulties as they break the surface.

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Upcoming Events

Psychotherapy and Spiritual Wisdom
27th May, 2017 St Albans’ Study Centre, St Albans

The Mindful Living Show
2nd June, 2017 Business and Design Centre, Islington

Philosophy as Therapy
3rd June, 2017 The Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow

Rediscovering the Vision of Plato
1st July, 2017 Temenos Academy, London

Port Eliot Festival
29th July, 2017 - 30th July, 2017 Port Eliot, Saltash

6th August, 2017 Cornbury Part, Oxfordshire