The healing chair

Many of life’s troubles are rooted in parts of ourselves of which we’re largely unaware. Like an iceberg, we are alert to difficulties only insofar as they break the surface, which is why it’s possible to struggle with problems for years. The subtler issues are hard to attend to.

My practice is based on psychodynamic psychotherapy, the type of therapy that recognises this truth and provides a safe space to listen to the anxieties, stress, low feelings, psychosomatic and personal struggles that can be provoked.

It’s a form of therapy that is carefully focused on what someone wants to bring, whilst also seeking different ways of listening to what those concerns might mean, particularly in terms of future flourishing.

There is a good evidence base for this approach. Here’s one useful summary that highlights not only how psychodynamic psychotherapy is effective but how its benefits continue to unfold after a period of therapy: Shedler, Efficacy of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

Alongside psychodynamic psychotherapy, I draw on insights and techniques associated with what is increasingly being called energy psychotherapy, and also recognise that it can be helpful to explore things at a systemic level, that is, thinking about how problems in life can arise from family histories, places of origin, and other transpersonal concerns.

Spiritual or existential matters can also be an important part of therapy. When the psyche is settled enough, it becomes possible to discover that our being rests on, and springs from, a wider, living reality that is shared with others.

My private practice is online and in person. I have a room near London Bridge. I work with people in an open-ended format, typically for longer periods of time. Sometimes I see people for occasional sessions, if my sense is that would be of benefit. UPDATE: At the moment, I have no availability.

The price is typically £80.00 per session.

I have worked at the Maudsley Hospital in south London in a service for people with personality disorders. I trained at WPF Therapy, a leading clinic and institute in London. My professional clinical affiliations are with The UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and The Foundation For Psychotherapy and Counselling (FPC).

Therapy is strictly confidential. Do email me with any questions.

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