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Dante and Eternal Damnation

And audio version of this talk is at my podcast, Dante’s Divine Comedy, available via podcast feeds. Dante would seem to be a key candidate for infernalism, the doctrine of endless punishment in hell for sinners who failed to turn

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Why Hell? Part 1 of 3 talks on Dante’s Divine Comedy

An MP3 version of the talk is on my podcast channel, Dante’s Divine Comedy, available on podcast feeds. The notion of hell is delighted in by some and causes offence in others. So why did Dante write about this infernal

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Descent is Ascent – How the road up is the road down in Dante

Making sense of why Dante had to travel through hell, what was going on in purgatory, and how that’s all linked to the destination of heaven, comes with appreciating how, in the spiritual life, descent and ascent are profoundly linked.

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