Nondualism, Divine Life and Now – on Looking East in Winter by Rowan Williams

A MP3 version of the talk can be found here.

Rowan Williams has written another hugely significant book, one ripe with meaning for now.

In this talk, I unpack its themes of non-dualism and Trinitarian life, eros and kenosis, politics and justice, seeing truthfully and destroying the world.

0:39 Addressing the Anthropocene
1:28 The need for an epiphany
2:52 What is our key problem?
4:32 Nondual non-identity
7:12 Trinitarian life
9:05 The erotic life of the divine
13:30 True kenosis and ecstasy
17:42 The truth of ourselves
20:49 Watchfulness, angelic awareness, mindfulness
23:39 Apatheia and anger
25:19 Being in the world, not of the world
28:20 The artist and philosopher
29:43 The gift of wisdom and remedying ignorance
30:27 Rationality and relating
31:55 Being natural
33:11 A new solidarity and Maria Skobtsova
34:32 A new apologetics
35:25 A new politics and sense of justice
38:48 Hospitality as a way of life
39:10 Freedom and fulfilment
40:39 Divinization and the future