The Unconscious. A conversation with Mark Vernon & Robert Rowland Smith

An audio version of this conversation is at my podcast, Talks and Thoughts, available via podcast feeds.

What is meant by the unconscious? Is it even a “thing”? Why does it seemingly originate with Freud? How useful is the concept? How can it be worked with?

In this discussion, Robert Rowland Smith and Mark Vernon explore the history of this central notion in psychoanalysis. They look at the different articulations of it, particularly in Freud and Jung, and ask how it links to other ideas such as the field, inspiration and the divine.

Are vertical metaphors the right metaphors, as when people talk of “depth psychology”? Is the subconscious just the unconscious lite? What is the difference between the personal and the collective unconscious? Is there really a difference?

Will a time come, as a time once was, when human beings felt no need to refer to this surprising, alluring and pervasive dynamic?

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