Heaven in a Wild Flower. Plato, Cusa, Shakespeare & Blake. Valentin Gerlier & Mark Vernon

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What golden thread might link these writers across the centuries? Why might each matter now?

Taking a lead from Valentin’s book, Shakespeare and the Grace of Words, we explore how the finite and infinite meet in dialogue, analogy, play and contrary, arguing that Plato, Nicholas of Cusa, Shakespeare and William Blake directly address our times of crisis and separation.

For more on Valentin’s book see www.routledge.com/Shakespeare-and-the-Grace-of-Words-Language-Theology-Metaphysics/Gerlier/p/book/9781032121406

He teaches an MA in Poetics of Imagination: https://campus.dartington.org/poetics-of-imagination/

His substack is https://graceofwords.substack.com/

For more on Mark see www.markvernon.com

The book on Plato I mention is Plato: A Very Short Introduction by Julia Annas.

For more on The Temenos Academy see www.temenosacademy.org