The Mossy Face of Christ. Martin Shaw talks w Mark Vernon about an unexpected return to Christianity

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0:00 Imagination and the Imaginal in the modern world
7:20 Different kinds of power: agency, allure, contraries
10:40 The revival of myth-telling but in the first person singular
15:30 Martin’s rediscovery of Christianity
21:40 The mossy face of Christ and what happened
34:04 People’s reactions to Jesus: contraction and expansion
39:04 Martin’s discovery of mystery in an Orthodox Church
46:27 What does this rediscovery of Christianity mean to him?
51:56 What does this mean for the “Christian curious”?
54:50 The shamanistic presence of Malcolm Guite
58:28 Mark’s journey in and around Christianity with Owen Barfield
1:05:25 A turn to William Blake
1:08:10 The transcendent possibility bubbling up again
1:12:57 The diversity of traditions and the entry of spirit

It’s often remarked that the age of New Atheism has passed. But what is emerging in its stead?
In this wide-ranging conversation, Martin Shaw discusses, for the first time, his recent encounter with the figure of Jesus and steps towards a form of Christianity very different from his evangelical upbringing.
Power and freedom, history and myths, the Inklings and the imagination are explored en route.
And we ask what kind of Christianity might be evolving in our times.

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