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Big histories and the new need for meaning

In this new episode of The Sheldrake-Vernon Dialogues, Rupert Sheldrake and I discuss Big Histories – the books that present long range narratives of cosmic and human evolution. They are big sellers. Noah Yuval Harari, David Christian and Felipe Fernández-Armesto

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“Beautifully written and artfully constructed”

Nicholas Colloff reviews A Secret History of Christianity at Golgonooza. “Mark Vernon, in this beautifully written and artfully constructed book, uses Barfield’s key insights and amplifying historical and literary scholarship, to trace the development of Christianity’s two founding traditions –

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From postmodernity to final participation: talking Owen Barfield

Michael Leighty asks me, Mark Vernon, a range of questions from Barfield’s attitudes towards postmodernism to his understanding of the power of story. We explore how language is an embodied activity and what Barfield meant by final participation. We ask

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The faith of the Inklings, with Malcolm Guite

Malcolm Guite and I join Justin Brierley on Justin’s Unbelievable radio show to talk about how the Inklings, the group of Oxford intellectuals including CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien and Owen Barfield, made sense of Christian faith. Mark Vernon shares how

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Human evolution and soul

“Without soul, there would be no tools,” I write at the Perspectiva blog. “The human niche is one marked by an openness to the transcendent.” Narrative accounts of human evolution are big right now. You may well have read Noah

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Was Pascal right about belief?

This piece was published at Christian Today. Pascal’s Wager has become a notorious reason to believe in God. The French mathematician and philosopher proposed that it’s rational to believe in God because if you’re wrong it won’t make any difference,

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The evolution of the self

Human consciousness has shifted dramatically over the last 5000 years. Evidence as diverse as prehistoric archeology, ancient social structures and the history of words suggests as much. In particular, it looks as if our sense of being individual selves is

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Introducing Owen Barfield

The words of the last Inkling himself open this discussion I had on Barfield’s thought with the editor of the Barfield Literary Estate website, Rory O’Connor. It was a pleasure to talk about thinking and imagining, rainbows and spirit, climate

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The front line of parapsychology

youtubeembedcode es add-link-Exchange check this out In this new episode of The Sheldrake-Vernon Dialogues, Rupert Sheldrake and I discuss how psi experiences can best be understood. The evidence for these phenomena is dismissed by sceptics with increasingly dogmatic assertions.

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Romanticism and the meaning crisis

The Toronto psychologist, John Vervaeke, has reached romanticism in his series, Awakening from the Meaning Crisis. He is moving into the area that Owen Barfield considered core. In this discussion, that ranges across the ideas of Kant, Romanticism, psychotherapy and

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