Christspiracy. The documentary’s claims about Jesus & Christianity put to the test, w Kameron Waters

An audio version of the conversation is at my podcast, Talks and Thoughts, available via podcast feeds.

The makers of Seaspiracy and Cowspiracy are back. Christspiracy is another profoundly disturbing film detailing the industrial abuse of our animal kin. Expect more horrific carelessness and exploitation on a mass scale.

Only this time, Kip Andersen and Kameron Waters not only go global but look back in time. “This is plausibly the most significant new discovery about Jesus Christ, in the last 2,000 years,” says the blurb.

But can that be right? Has justified outrage at the treatment of our fellow creatures got the better of them?

Initially, I wasn’t convinced. But then Kameron Waters reached out to me and we had this long conversation. See what you think.

[Spoiler alert – we thoroughly discuss the Christian details in the film.]

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For more on Mark, and his work on early Christianity and Jesus via the ideas of Owen Barfield, friend of CS Lewis, see

00:00 Introduction
02:20 Where to see the documentary and how
04:33 The treatment of animals as a religious concern
12:26 The prehistory of hunting, sacrifice and temples
21:15 What did Jesus do when cleansing of the temple?
34:10 What was the cause of Jesus’s death?
44:38 Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus the vegetarian Nazarene?
58:37 Kameron’s own Christian journey
01:05:42 But did Jesus really not eat fish?
01:13:40 Ichthus, Pythagoreans and the 153 fish
01:24:00 What did Paul mean by vegetarians are weak?
01:31:05 Engaging with the film, engaging with the tradition