What is intelligence? A discussion with Dante as guide

What is the nature of artificial intelligence? How does it compare with human intelligence, emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence?
These are important questions to ask and understand as AI becomes more pervasive. Most of the people alarmed about advances in AI have little sense of what human intelligence is, as they live and operate in a world of patterning and utility.
These two talks compare and contrast various kinds of intelligence, first using numbers, music, time and sense of self as examples. And then turn to the imagery of Dante’s Divine Comedy, particularly in the Paradiso, which offers powerful prompts to developing the sense of what it is to be intelligent.
Dante wrote for modern times, he said. And now, as AI becomes more pervasive, he can help us understand how machine learning and human intuitions are very different capacities.
The two discussions were a talk given at the Scientific and Medical Network.