Three ways to contemplate life and death

Three ways to contemplate that life may be bigger than death. (They’re not proofs but hinting analogies which Plato argued have an advantage over proofs: they can expand your sense of reality whilst indicating their truths, rather than just dotting i’s in the reality you already know.)

1. No scientist would write an equation unless maths had power. No composer would write music unless sound held harmony. No painter would paint a picture unless colour had mood. No poet would pen a poem unless words had soul. No person could live a life unless life held meaning.

2. Even though the child wears the parent out, maybe leaves them hateful & desolate, there’s tomorrow. They love again. A good enough parent & child find that love survives it all. So maybe parental reality echoes cosmic reality: nothing, in fact, separates us from life and love.

3. Consider: Cold is a lack of heat, but heat is not a lack of cold. Asymmetry. So, if life is to death as heat is to cold, which makes sense as life is akin to heat, then life seems prior to death. Life is the ground zero, and the mystery is how death arose, that lack of life.

Happy Easter!