Spiritual Intelligence in Seven Steps. New book available now!

Spiritual Intelligence in Seven Steps was released yesterday. The audiobook should be online within a week.


How is spiritual intelligence different from artificial intelligence (AI) and emotional intelligence?

In short, it’s the reflective awareness of actually having thoughts and feelings, and a kind of inner step back, which is so important because it brings freedom.

If people are worried about the spread and influence of AI, can spiritual intelligence help?

Yes, because spiritual intelligence reminds us of what it is to be human, and so not get swept along by the imperatives and priorities that machines require.

So is spiritual intelligence distinctly human?

There is new evidence from human evolution, which is not often talked about, that suggests Homo sapiens always was Homo spiritualis at heart.

Is spiritual intelligence religious?

It can be, but all sorts of wisdom traditions have fostered it, including Stoicism and mindfulness meditation.

Is there any scientific basis for spiritual intelligence?

It can be associated with the attention of the right hemisphere of the brain, and also with the very intuition that inspires insights and perceptions in science.

How can people develop spiritual intelligence?

In short, whatever enables us to take a step back and become aware simply of being and of now, from pilgrimages to improvisation to wonder, and also crises.

How might spiritual intelligence help us with the challenges we face today?

With spiritual intelligence, almost everything gets a new dimension, from the experience of time, to the goals of education, to our relationship with nature. This is the kind of thing I press in the book.

Does that help include tackling the culture wars?

I think so, yes, because morality is about issues and so creates division, whereas spiritual intelligence focuses on virtue which fosters personal development.

You are a psychotherapist. Is spiritual intelligence involved with that?

In short, yes, because whereas therapy is an excellent way to understand yourself, spiritual intelligence adds an extra dimension that cultivates peace and happiness.

Covid has brought death to many people’s minds. Can spiritual intelligence help here?

Spiritual intelligence recognises that our life is not our own but part of the vitality that fires all things, so yes. This enables us to let go into that wider life.