Principles of love and the wisdom of constellations. With Robert Rowland Smith & Mark Vernon

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Constellations, also called family systems, is a way of visualising the dynamics of love that operate in any group that has to do with creativity or life.

A constellation workshop brings people together to look at predicaments with which people are wrestling, be they personal or organisational. The goal is to find a design that releases and acknowledges the love that yearns to find a way forward, though can be thwarted or become stuck.

In this conversation, Robert Rowland Smith and Mark Vernon, explore what in the constellations world is called the orders of love. They ask how love, because it manifests as a dynamic or spirit, is seen and fostered by rituals and gestures.

The right distance between people may be as important as the right connection. The manner in which events and times are remembered or honoured can be crucial. The dialogue suggests that love won’t be pinned down and that becoming more conscious and aligned with the field of love, within which we all live, is crucial. Seeing how this is so is not only expansive for the individual but vitalising for the whole.

Such collaboration is aided by principles akin to principles of design and which are discovered by testing and exploration, and proven by the beauty and truth released.

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