Owen Barfield – new FAQ intro

I’ve put together an introduction to Owen Barfield’s life and ideas, from the soul of words to the evolution of consciousness, running through these questions:

  • Who was the last Inkling, Owen Barfield?
  • Why did C.S. Lewis call Barfield his “anti-self”?
  • So Barfield began to think that words have soul?
  • What did he mean that words are “fossils of consciousness”?
  • Why is poetry so important in his thesis?
  • What did the other Inklings make of the idea?
  • But his ideas don’t end with poetry, do they?
  • Aren’t these just “metaphors we live by”?
  • What does this mean about the evolution of human consciousness?
  • What was the earlier consciousness like?
  • What happened next to the human experience of life?
  • How might consciousness shift again?
  • Does this have anything to do with the Axial Age?
  • What’s it got to do with the Hebrews, Greeks and Jesus?
  • A short history of our minds charted in words.
  • Please have a browse!