On Physics, Evolution, Mind at Large & Projections – Bernardo Kastrup & Mark Vernon

An extended conversation that begins with thoughts on Owen Barfield, participation and the meaning crisis, Schopenhauer and Jung, moving through the state of modern physics, to the nature of evolution, the nature of mind at large, the role of dissociation and projections, and freedom.

For more on Bernardo’s work see – https://www.bernardokastrup.com
For more on Mark’s work see – https://www.markvernon.com

Running order
3:18 Introducing Owen Barfield and representations
8:22 The modern mistaken and the meaning crisis
13:38 The paradox of increased knowledge and decreased meaning
17:25 Questioning uniformitarianism in physics and the laws of nature
26:11 Physics in the first person and fine tuning
28:42 Carlo Rovelli and relational quantum mechanics
36:07 Dante’s vision, consciousness and modern cosmology
39:42 Panpsychism and stretching materialism
44:16 Is evolution driven only by survival and random mutations?
52:05 Science, intuition, evolution and participation
56:31 Aesthetics in nature
1:00:26 About mind at large and classical theism
1:06:21 Entering the medieval worldview
1:09:30 The becoming of creation and potentials are not nothing
1:13:31 Divine activity and different kinds of change
1:17:51 Polarities of being and becoming in God and nature
1:22:36 Respecting the polarities in us
1:24:10 Jung on the God of the Old Testament and New
1:26:13 A critique of Jung and the evolution of monotheism
1:29:30 Discussion of “The Origins and History of Consciousness by Erich Neumann
1:31:26 On not discussing privatio boni (the pushback at Jung would be that the relationship between good and evil is asymmetrical, much like the relationship between hot and cold, say)
1:31:39 Introducing the role of dissociation
1:31:50 Other psychological phenomena in mind at large, in particular, projection
1:40:49 Projections connect with reality and the enriching role of alienation
1:46:20 Bewilderment as the pathway of return
1:49:25 Meaning in suffering
1:49:56 Freedom, physicalism and conscious inner life
1:58:50 Participation and co-creativity
2:01:20 The freedom of service
2:04:03 The Essentia Foundation