Love in a Time of Crisis because Crises are How Love Shows Up

An MP3 version of this talk is at my podcast, Talks and Thoughts, available via podcast feeds.

There is a minimal kind of love which brings consolation in crises. But there is also a maximal kind of love which appears in times of crisis. Indeed, can only be known through crises.

This is worth considering because love is often use in nebulous or ill-defined ways, which means that its nuanced perceptions and mature forms can be hard to grasp. The need for a deeper awareness of love because particularly acute in times of crisis, though times of crisis also offer moments to understand love move fully.

This talk was given at the Pari Centre. I explore the links between love and personal, spiritual and civilisational development; different types of power, and its relationship with freedom and mind; as well as erotic yearning, suffering and loss; and so also to the knowledge of the ways in which reality itself is shaped by transcendent love.