How to See Spiritually

I’ve just begun a new series of talks on inner life and seeing with the eye of the soul.

The first 4 are below. More to follow in coming weeks.

1. Why spirituality?

We live with a worldview that is powerfully materialistic in its orientation and has brought many benefits. But it has also lost sight of an awareness of reality that was palpable to our ancestors, that is the spiritual depth of things. In this talk, Mark Vernon considers the evolution of consciousness that has led to the need for new ways of engaging with the implicit and what doing so might involve.

2. Soul

The word “soul” is often argued over, even sneered at, and yet it captures the lived sense of reality that animates all things and makes us persons with character, desires and intuitions of more than what’s immediately measurable. In this talk, Mark Vernon argues that soul is better felt than closely defined by looking at how we spontaneously recognise it and can cultivate the capacity to do so, too.

3. Wonder

It’s with wonder that all human enquiry begins, which is why science often provokes such profound experiences of amazement. But wonder needs to be developed if it is to become a launchpad for seeing spiritually. In this talk, Mark Vernon looks at what wonder meant to individuals who saw it as a gateway to perceptions of the material and spiritual dimensions of existence.

4. Interiority

Inner life can be regarded as a form of background noise, the neural hiss of brains. The philosophy of behaviourism has encouraged many to dismiss it. And yet, a developed sense of inner life is crucial and fundamental to spiritual perception. In this talk, Mark Vernon shows how inner life has its own authority and is key to fuller consciousness.

Watch out for future talks on Scepticism, Parables, Ego, Psi, Virtues and Imagination.