How do I learn to see spiritually?

I very much enjoyed speaking with Kenny Primrose, of Our conversation focused on the question, How do I learn to see spiritually? It’s online here and ranges over psychotherapy and music, poetry and Plato.

A taster: “We don’t appreciate the inner life of things anymore, we appreciate very much their exterior life – which science reveals so amazingly, but we don’t directly experience the soul of things and how they have a kind of vitality and liveliness which complements our own vitality and liveliness. And so spiritual sight would be about reawakening to the inside of the whole world, as well as our own inside. That is an expression of a chap called Owen Barfield who I am very influenced by, he said that consciousness is not one thing stuck onto the rest of everything else, it is the inside of the whole world. Nowadays we need to learn to participate with this inner life afresh.”