First love, then war

If Friday was uplifting, yesterday and today have been a depressing return to human business as usual.

First, yesterday, the British government claims it is not trying to kill Gaddafi. It’s about as believable as declaring the dossier was not sexed up. Gaddafi’s got to go, else he’ll turn Libya into terrorism central once the west loses interest. Though a consequence of that is the UN becomes a little less powerful again, as the coalition rides roughshod over its mandates.

Then, today, there’s the killing of bin Laden as if that makes things better. Far from it. He’s more powerful dead than alive. Martyrs are. Wouldn’t it have been better leaving him hidden in his mansion, wasting his money paying off locals, as he presumably was? But blood must be avenged.

The world is a tragic place. Where’s the progress? Rather, first love, then war.