Doing doubt

Listening to the first programme on doubt with a bunch of friends, it was interesting how they picked up on different things.

One noted the link, made by Angie Hobbs, between resisting doubt and seeking control. Angie said: ‘Is this really a debate about control and a delusion that we can control the world and financial markets and the natural world and control those nearest and dearest to us? Is that what’s embedded in this very strong desire for certainty? I don’t know but it does trouble me.’

Another noted how hard it is, as a consultant, to resist doing something – anything – when doing nothing might actually be the best thing to do. As one of the newspapers over the weekend screamed about Libya: ‘Doing Nothing is Not An Option’ – when actually, if you don’t understand what’s going on, doing nothing – and having the courage to watch and wait – might well be the best option.