Awaking from the Meaning Crisis QnA

I spoke with the group that meets on Discord to discuss John Vervaeke’s work on awakening from the meaning crisis. Here’s a breakdown of the questions that came up.

1.42 Christianity, Owen Barfield and John Vervaeke
8.20 Owen Barfield’s take on Christianity
9.50 How do Plato’s views on virtue relate to his views on knowledge?
11.40 What’s going on in Plato’s dialogues?
14.05 What did Barfield open in your understanding of Plato?
16.35 What’s the best way of reading the dialogues?
19.30 What does Socrates mean when he says he knows he knows nothing?
26.30 What’s the link between aesthetics, knowledge and eros in knowing the world?
32.50 Why does the church decouple the spiritual, erotic and imagination?
37.10 Does the church focus too much on procedure rather than transformation?
40.30 What ecology of practices do you follow?
43.50 How do you view Tillich’s work in the light of Barfield’s world?
48.48 Is Barfield’s take on Christianity modernist, akin to CS Lewis?
52.20 What does the Logos represent in Lewis and Barfield?
54.27 How does Barfield’s view on the Logos relate to Platonic and Neoplatonic thought?
58.40 How can we know God’s life “reliably”, as you put it in your book?
1.02.40 How does propositional knowledge relate to participatory knowledge?