An introduction to Plato’s dialogues – online course

An Introduction to Plato’s Dialogues with Mark Vernon and Tom Hodgkinson

We’ve all heard of Plato, Socrates and the dialogues, particularly the Republic.

But who exactly were these brilliant Greeks? How did they live and what did they teach? What was each dialogue about?

In this thorough course, Idler editor Tom Hodgkinson quizzes Plato expert Dr Mark Vernon on each of six dialogues, in an attempt to understand what Plato was trying to get across.

Together with Tom we learn about the fascinating life and death of Socrates, and discover what made him the founding father of the new science of philosophy.

We look at who Plato actually was before going on to discuss and explain six dialogues: the Apology, the Symposium, Phaedrus, the Republic, Timaeus and Phaedo.

The course is fact-filled and will allow you to hold on your head up high when the subject of Plato is mentioned.

But more than that, this course will help you to live your life well. You’ll get a deep insight into the life and teachings of Socrates, the genius of the human spirit who wrote nothing down, and his pupil Plato, who started life with aspirations to be a playwright and who channelled his considerable creative energies and intellect into his writings.

The course and further information is online here.