A New Axial Age? Conversation with Beth Macy & Mark Vernon

An audio version of this conversation is at my podcast, Talks and Thoughts, available via podcast feeds.

To celebrate the release of his new book, Spiritual Intelligence in Seven Steps, the Pari Center invited Mark Vernon, to talk about his new work with Beth Macy.

They discuss the notions of spiritual intelligence, the spiritual commons, the Axial revolutions, the presence of suffering, and whether we are in a new Axial Age now.

For more on Spiritual Intelligence in Seven Steps see – https://www.markvernon.com/books/spiritual-intelligence-in-seven-steps

Beth Macy has been a manager, leader, consultant or participant in organizations experiencing difficult issues. David Bohm’s dialogue has been core to her research, writing, consulting and teaching for nearly three decades. Living in the USA (Texas) she is a contributor in the forthcoming Holoflux:Codex – Form/Movement/Vision inspired by David Bohm (Pari Publishing).

For more on Mark Vernon see – www.markvernon.com