Jung at 50 – today, pt 2

A couple more pieces on Jung have gone online.

My conversation at the RSA last week, with Robert Rowland Smith and Gary Lachman, on Jung and his legacy is now available as a podcast.

I’ve penned a blog for The School of Life, looking particularly at Jung’s notion of individuation. A taster:

Unlike our forebears who sought meaning too, through their shared spiritual traditions, contemporary meaning-seeking is marked by the constant fear that what we seek lies elsewhere. This week a meditation class, next week some yoga. One Sunday I seek inspiration from a cycle in the countryside, the next I go to church.

The risk is that instead of individuation, we merely skirmish between this possibility and that option. We don’t want ‘the way’ anymore. We can’t trust it. Instead we prefer ‘my way’.

So is this what Jung is saying to us, 50 years on: that we risk losing a fecund individuation to an arid individualism?