Dante 2021 – Top 10 Spiritual Insights

We will learn a lot about Dante’s language, love, politics and humanism in 2021, the 700th anniversary of his death. But perhaps not so much about the spiritual insights he felt charged by heaven to communicate in his Divine Comedy.

My top 10 spiritual insights are:
10. Comedy transcends, not excludes tragedy
9. Morality gets you nowhere, insight leads everywhere
8. Descent and ascent are the same path
7. Life is not a hero’s journey but a lover’s journey
6. Light is intelligent
5. Intelligence is a kind of resonance
4. Unity is diverse, not singular
3. There is a Christianity beyond Christianity
2. Freedom is about saying yes to life, not choice
1. The greatest question to ask: who I am?

To follow the Divine Comedy, canto by canto, try my podcast/YouTube series.

My book, Dante’s Divine Comedy: A Guide For The Spiritual Journey (Angelico Press) will be out in time of the 700th anniversary on Sept 13th.