How Imagination Can Set You Free

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Date(s) - 6th October, 2018
11:00 - 13:00

The Bridge


Imagination can be treated as if it is fanciful and fun, but fleeting and often farfetched. So it can come as a surprise to learn that many of the most inspiring human beings orientated their whole lives around this truth-bearing faculty. It set them free to pursue and find life in all its fulness. Albert Einstein said that whereas knowledge is limited, “imagination encircles the world”. William Blake regarded it as the one indispensable thing for engaging with reality. Ted Hughes called it essential “if we are going to live the lives of human beings”.

So what is imagination? What can we learn from its exponents to help us cultivate it? What practical activities might integrate imagination more fully into our lives?

During this study and discussion morning, with psychotherapist and philosopher Mark Vernon, we will look at imagination from three perspectives. We will ask just what imagination is, drawing on the insights of key thinkers and science. We will look at how it fires the work of artists and scientists, focusing particularly on the qualities of life that we can draw on, too. And, we will explore how imagination shapes our relationships with others, expands our inner lives, and connects us with what the Inkling, Owen Barfield, called “the inside of the whole world”.

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