Love: All That Matters

Love: All That Matters

Hodder Education
ISBN 9781444156751
Published in 2013

Love: All That Matters

By Mark Vernon

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Love: All That Matters argues that the modern view of love has been distorted by a fixation on romantic love that has depleted our resources for living through the darker siders of love, whereas in fact there are several ways in which humans give and experience love over the course of their lives and it is best to have access to them all.

In this original and fascinating book, Mark draws on wisdom from within psychology, philosophy, myth and everyday experience to examine the kinds of love associated with different phases of our development. From infant narcissism to the emergence of friendship, through the rush of romance to the compassion that can trust and let go, this is a rich tour de force of the emotion within which all our lives are embedded.

This accessible and concise book will appeal to both students and general readers, giving a fascinating introduction to the psychology and philosophy of love - and what matters most about it.


'A profoundly benign and practical little book. Compact scholarship and wisdom with an original thesis.'

'A real Tardis of a book, with so much wisdom and information packed into so small a space, and elucidated with a brilliant clarity. Sourcing mythology, modern psychology and philosophy, it shines a light on this most commonplace yet complex of emotions.'