Is the Sun Conscious?

Rupert Sheldrake and I have published the latest in our Science Set Free podcasts, discussing the significance of the Sun.

When you look into the blue sky on a sunny day do you glimpse a ball of nuclear fire or, as the London poet and mystic, William Blake, reported, the heavenly host singing God’s praises?

It’s an old question, revived today by the notion of panpsychism which suggests that the Sun might in some way be considered conscious. In this Science Set Free podcast, Rupert Sheldrake and I ask whether the Sun is a psychical as well as physical entity in the solar system, and consider what that might mean for our participation in and connection to the cosmic dimensions of ecological life.

I draws on Plato’s notion that matter is a manifestation of mind, as well as how the sun was honoured in ancient Egypt; and Rupert explores how the sun is regarded in eastern religious practices, to suggest how it might be meaningful to relate to the sun today, as well as enjoy its light and warmth.

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