How to be a Vedantic Christian

Rupert Sheldrake and I have published the latest in our Science Set Free podcasts, discussing syncretism – what it is to drawn on, say, the Buddha and Christ, or the teachings of the Gita and those of a Sufi adept like Ibn ‘Arabi.

It’s a reflection of living in a plural age, in which many are open to more than one religious or wisdom tradition. They seek to speak of vedantic insights as well as theistic ones, and so on. Indeed, such people may well intuit that the one will illuminate and ignite the other.

We draw on our experience and reading to explore what happens when a variety of religious practices and philosophies come together. There are pitfalls to avoid. There are questions to ask, not least when religions claim to have exclusive access to truth. But ultimately, there is much in this mixing that is enriching and should be embraced.

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