12th Jan - 16th Feb 2015
Introduction to Psychology course
The Idler Academy, London
Monday evenings, examining first few years, ancestors, dreams, relationship styles, psychological types, spiritual paths. Full details online.

29th Jan 2015
Evening of ancient philosophy
The Union Club, London






Mark Vernon is a writer, teacher, and psychotherapist. He’s written books on friendship, love, wellbeing, belief, spirituality, science and the philosophy of the everyday.

His articles and reviews on religious, philosophical and ethical themes have appeared in many newspapers and magazines. He also regularly contributes to radio programmes and discussions, notably on the BBC.

He has degrees in physics, theology and a PhD in philosophy, takes part in debates and festivals, also teaching at The Idler Academy and The School of Life in London.

Mark works as a psychodynamic psychotherapist in his London private practice. For more information please click here.

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