For our discussion is about no ordinary matter but on how to live our lives.
Plato's Podcasts

By Mark Vernon
Oneworld Publications
ISBN 9781851687060
Published in 2009

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In Our Time, BBC Radio 4, on friendship

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plato's podcasts
The Ancients' guide to Modern Living

Do you ever get the feeling that something went wrong? What with credit crunches, wars, congestion charges, and unemployment, it is natural to hark back to less complicated times. In this witty and inspiring book, Mark Vernon does just that. However, we are not talking about the 1980s – try 400BC!

Filled with timeless insight into life, relationships, work and partying, Plato's Podcasts takes a sideways glance at modern living and presents the would-be thoughts of Ancient Philosophers on various topics central to our 21st century existence. From Plato on podcasts to Epicurus on bottled water, this is a funny but profound take on what life means today (and two thousand years ago).


'Bravo! A wonderfully lucid and engaging exploration of what the ancient world can teach the modern.’
Mark Rowlands

‘Ancient wisdom goes modern in this unique book. Vernon encapsulates the lives and wisdom of the ancient sages in a way that speaks to the problems of the present.’
William Irwin

‘Mark Vernon has an unparallelled ability to convey profound philosophical ideas in a manner that is both accessible and personal but also rigorous and challenging. Behind the friendly, humorous writing is an acute sense of what is truly relevant to us today. Plato would be pleased.’
Raymond Tallis

‘Vernon consistently does his own thinking, and invites the reader to join in… The writing is highly engaging, and [he] has a good eye for the colourfully weird detail.’
Steven Poole, The Guardian