Realisation Festival 2023

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Date(s) - 29th June, 2023 - 2nd July, 2023
All Day

St Giles House


I would like to invite you to next year’s Realisation Festival 2023, an annual agenda-setting event that seeks to advance societal transformation in a soulful way.

The festival takes place from 29th June to 2nd July at St Giles House, which has been the home of influential politicians, philosophers and social reformers who have had a profound impact on the society in which we live.

The 2023 gathering will focus on Unlearning and Reimagining Difference. We will come together with insightful speakers, brilliant workshops, music, improvisation and the loveliness of the place itself, to ask not only how difference is playing out in today’s world but how difference might become an asset or wellspring from which to find paths into an expansive, beautiful future.

As we’ve been preparing, William Blake’s thought has come to mind: “Without contraries is no progression”. Or to put it another way, whilst differences prompt us to reconsider the past, and question how we perceive the present, they might also aid us with imagining a different future, one simply not possibly without the struggles of today.

Full details online here.