Exploration through Constellations

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Date(s) - 2nd April, 2020
19:00 - 21:00



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Systemic constellations is a way of looking at how we’re affected by the groups we belong to from family and workplace, to time and culture. It uses the body to reveal dynamics that are operating at the three levels of life to which Perspectiva attends: the subjective soul, more objective social factors, and the intersubjective systemic flows that link these elements together. It can illuminate how they interrelate in relation to particular issues or problems, as well as help formulate more general insights that are applicable elsewhere.

The method arose after one of the 20th century’s great tragedies when the links between soul, system and society almost completely broke down, namely the Second World War. Since then, it has been developed to look at a wide variety of issues from more holistic approaches to education to our relationship with money. It is also practiced to help individuals understand how they can work better with the systemic dynamics that surround them. It can be thought of as a resource for the type of personal formation called bildbung because it doesn’t just ask what’s going on but invites us to transform how we perceive what’s going. It generates all sorts of often unexpected, deeply felt realisations.

In this introductory evening, Mark Vernon will offer an overview of the practice, explain how it arose, and offer a sense of what it can reveal and how it works. He will unpack some of the insights that emerge that will include demonstrations and opportunities to test things out in small groups.

The evening will look at how groups have a natural order that is worth respecting if not always following; how feelings like guilt and innocence function in them; and how those who absent or forgotten have an impact upon us still. It will include some thoughts and practices that facilitate accepting what the flow of life has brought to us, whilst also feeling free to move on in life. There will be time for discussion and questions.

Venue TBC but will be central London.

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