Philosophy Now Radio

… is into its new run. Last week, Grant Bartley talked with myself on Wellbeing and two fellow Art of Living authors, Ziyad Marar, who wrote Deception, and Piers Benn, whose new title Commitment is out later this year. Do have a listen to that and the other shows.

Nudge, Epicurus and egoistic friendship

Talking about Epicureanism at The Idler Academy last night, I was encouraged that people responded warily to Epicurus’ attitude towards friendship. It is radically self-interested. Though he can celebrate friendship ‘dancing around the world’ announcing blessedness, and he wrote a moving letter to a friend on the day he died, his friendliness is as egoistic… Continue reading Nudge, Epicurus and egoistic friendship

The Reiths online

The BBC has put online the archive from the Reith Lectures. Hours of happy listening. I picked Edward Norman from 1978 as an entrée. He’s entertainingly spikey, with none of the politeness I expect of today’s. A sign of our times? A taster, demonstrating that what we take to be innovative and ours is hardly… Continue reading The Reiths online

Reality check

The School of Life has produced a first set of podcasts, including some possibly familiar voices. Would be interested to know what you think, if you get a chance to listen…