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What's to fear from virtual reality?

I’m no luddite but there’s something to understand in the anxiety immersive technologies provoke. It’s been a good couple of weeks for virtual reality. Mark Zuckerberg put on a clean t-shirt and welcomed us to the future he knows we’re

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Mystical eroticism and Valentine's Day

With thanks for the inspirational teaching on courtly love and Dante from Jeremy Naydler of the Temenos Academy. The BBC is airing a documentary on the relationship between the former pope, now saint, John Paul II and the “sexually attractive”

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What is ancient philosophy?

My recent talk at Watkins bookshop, exploring the spirit of ancient Greek philosophy. The book of the talk:

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"I am large, I contain multitudes."

Science Set Free On Family Constellations Rupert Shedrake and I have published the latest in our Science Set Free podcasts, discussing family constellations. We look at how we are not individuals but rather are more like nodes in networks: we

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New stuff at the Idler

The new Idler magazine is launched today. I’ve a piece on Socrates and his unexpected relationship with the priestess Diotima. Plato says she was key to his life. You’ll hardly hear her discussed by philosophers today. Starting next month, I’ll

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Constellations workshop, March 5th

Constellations is a type of therapy that provides a way of looking at the issues we experience in life as a puzzle, or block, or struggle, or anxiety. They might be personal or work-related, to do with relationships or past

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The new year, the future, and where to find it

This short essay was broadcast by BBC Radio 4’s Sunday programme today. You’ll know the joke about the lost traveler who asks a local for directions. The local replies: Well, I wouldn’t start from here. The joke works because it

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Messages of angels

Angels are everywhere at Christmas. They are on the high street and in carols. They float atop trees with wings as drifted-snow, to recall Christina Rossetti’s lovely description. But, given they are swooping and swirling in the seasonal darkness, what

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Hope Without Optimism – book review

My short review of Terry Eagleton’s latest book in the Church Times. On every page of this study of hope, which arose from a series of four lectures, there are a dozen reflections that would each merit contemplation. It makes

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Learning how to die

A Sunday Sermon for The Idler Academy. Drear nighted. That’s how Keats described December. Grey light. Brief days. Wind whistling through empty trees. Water frozen and forgetful of “Apollo’s summer look”. It’s the month in which time slows to the

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