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Why The Soul Loves The Sea

A Sunday Sermon as posted at The Idler Academy. We love to go on holiday to the sea. The turquoise lure of a sunny ocean has determined eight out of ten holiday destinations this year, I read. So why do

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The Soul of the Marionette

This review of The Soul of the Marionette by John Gray is published in Third Way Magazine. The philosopher and historian of ideas, John Gray, is the type of atheist Christians can read with profit. Unlike many contemporary atheists who

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Eros and wisdom: some recent radio

A couple of recent BBC radio 4 programmes that might be of interest: What Is Eros? Exploring Freud and Plato on our yearnings. Start the Week. Talking about ancient philosophy and Alan Watts, with Tim Lott and others.

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Socrates, tragedy, and the Greek crisis

This short essay was broadcast on BBC Radio 4’s Sunday programme this morning. The ancient Greek philosophers and playwrights – figures like Socrates and Plato, Euripides and Sophocles – can be thought of as prophets. Like the Hebrew prophets of

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Order now: The Idler Guide To Ancient Philosophy

My new book, published by Idler Books, will be available from July 2015. Here’s an excerpt from the opening chapter… Our story begins a long time ago in a universe that, psychologically speaking, is pretty far away. It is the

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"Listen, I tell you a mystery!"

Eleusis is off the beaten track when it comes to following in the footsteps of Paul. This is, in part, good. First, its temples, porticos and ceremonial ways are not filled with other visitors. Second, the silence of the fallen

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Paul before the philosophers

What would the Stoics and Epicureans have made of Paul’s famous speech on the Areopagus in Athens, the capital city we’ve now arrived at on the pilgrimage? Let’s take the words Luke puts into Paul’s mouth in Acts 17 at

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Icons, Plato and Paul – or the path to seeing clearly

I’m helping lead a pilgrimage in the footsteps of Paul in Greece. Andrew Nunn and myself are blogging here. Today we’ve been in and around the Metéora monasteries looking at icons… Plato is not dead, I was once emphatically told.

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Paul on fornication and the Rapture, or in Thessalonica

I’m helping lead a pilgrimage through Greece in the footsteps of St Paul. Andrew Nunn and myself are blogging here. Today we reached Thessalonica… Reading between the lines of Paul’s letters, so as to catch a glimpse of what gripped

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What did Paul preach in Philippi?

I’m helping lead a pilgrimage through Greece in the footsteps of St Paul. Andrew Nunn and myself are blogging here. Here’s a third post from me from the splendid archeological site of Philippi… Paul sets foot on European soil for

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